With REKA Commissioning Service & Solutions Limited means

Practicable commissionings and effective commissioning solutions for equipment projects of the steam technology and pressure technic from the energy conversion areas:

- Power Plant Technology                                     

 (  GuD, Coal-, Oil-, Gas-, Biomass-, Combi Power Plants   etc. )

-  Heating Plants  ( different Systems and multi fuel type )

-   Converter-Coolingstacks

     in the Iron-, Metallurgical-  and Steel Industry

     ( Water- and Hot Cooling Systems )

-  Waste gas - Recooling Systems

   in the different types of industry with steam and hot water  producing


-   Gas-Coolingsystems

     in chemical industry plant engineering

Biomass power plants  

    In pulp - and paper mills,  timber industry

-   District heating systems

    bei by supply unit systems in industry, town construction

- Gas- und product-recooling systems, steamsystems and condensat systems

   in refineries

- Waste incineration plants 

REKA Commissioning Service & Solutions it's working as an worldwide   Engineering-, Consulting- und Service - Office community, recruiting experts and competent engineers and technicians. They  pooling and concentrate their longtime experiences and expert knowledgefrom many assignments from the construction areas in the whole World.  They want  support you to execute your challanging projects by power plants, steel production and plant engineering and construction in the industry and chemical plant construction. We want bring you to a successful conclusion by a fast and effective commissioning and optimization

Our team of  commissioning engineers, engineering specialists and experts of steam and pressure technic advise you if it's helpful still in the phase of ideas or planning to realization your projects, saving quality, commissioning and optimization.

Through the possibility of managing popularly but also special teaching courses and choaching to the point of inservice training to boiler specialist *,  we give hereby the management of plants and their employees of non european countries the possibility to participate  on the high niveau of education after german rights, rule of actions and regulations. Therefore the have the possibility to near you on the increasing requirements to the employers and management.

Reka is also available for
R - such as recruiting of professional engineers and knowledgeable about their approach
E - such as engineering and technology, we can tell you the weaknesses in advance,
K - such as knowledge and skills have grown out of practice on construction sites
A - like arrangement of working in multicultural and interdisciplinary teams

Profit from our know-how and our versatility!

Putting also you on competence and efficiency with the conversion of your demanding duties and in the solution of challenges in the energy production and energy conversion in the power station, industry and chemistry-investment construction. On the following sides we inform you about our services and possibilities.

* planned with certification


What distinguishes us:

Get to know our approaches, closer methods and core competences.

Contact us:       About the office

Talk to us, if you need help in commissioning engineers and specialists for power station technology or arrangements of steam- and pressure technology in industry and chemical plant construction. In the ironworks area we can support and consult you with special experiences and Know How by the commissioning of cooling stackss and hot cooling systems.


Who we are:

Place on expert with long-standing experience, practically oriented commissioning Know How and high planning competence by the realisation of your projects.

Our Team

What we offer:

We look after you during all commissioning - phases of your project extensively and professionally. We offer the cooperation to you already in the planning phase to exclude possible project changes during the commissioning - phase.

Our service offer

How we work: Experience our efficiency with the help of our up to now realised orders and on grounds of the experiences and the cooperation in large-scale projects in the international investment construction for more than 30 years.

Our references

You see the difference of our possibilities with the help of the complexity of our projects and their challenges. Our solution possibilities cover the range of the commissioning of power stations of the most different firing plants and interpretation data about the exploitation of waste heat with gas and product cooler in industrial arrangements and chemical plants up to the utilisation of the waste heat in cooling stacks in converter steel plants and / or the external super heating of steam by means of combustion of CO., furnace mouth gas or special fuels to the production of electric energy or process warmth. By the different solution attempts in the solution of problem formulations we have compile during many years a knowledge which gives valuable aid and actual support to our customers in the solution of her duties. Often we can form schedules with it more actually; if unrealistic "introduction dreams" must correct, however, also from time to time.

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